Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter (2014, producer)

Thank You A Lot (2014, producer)

Good Night (2013, executive producer)

The Happy Poet (2010, executive producer)

Lovers of Hate (2010, co-producer)

The Overbrook Brothers (2009, producer)

First name, Chris.  Last name, Ohlson.  
Officially, I'm Robert Christopher Ohlson, but please don't call me Robert... or Rob... or Bobby...

I was born many, many years ago in a small town that most people have never heard of, 
near the base of Mount Washington, in Northern New Hampshire.
I was driven home from the hospital in back of a police car.  True story.

Currently, I live and work in Austin, Texas. 

I'm a Sundance Creative Producing Fellow and an alum of the IFP Filmmaker Labs.

I make films of all shapes and sizes, you can find a near-full list of them, right here.