Good Night

"Terrific" -- Pick/ Best of the Fest (SXSW coverage) --Indiewire

"The true strength of Good Night is the top-notch ensemble cast. Throw Alex Karpovsky, Todd Berger, Jason Newman and Chris Doubek into a room together and some sort of cinematic magic is going to happen; but there is also no doubt that it is the emotionally dynamic duo of Adriene Mishler and Jonny Mars who turn Good Night into something that is truly special. I might even say that Mishler and Mars clock in two of the greatest dramatic performances in the history of Austin filmmaking." --Film Threat

"I credit the wonderful performances of Adriene Mishler and Jonny Mars and the onscreen charisma the two share. Jonny Mars….is nothing less than a force of nature. His subtle performance will stick with you long after the credits roll.ʼ --Smells Like Screen Spirit

The Overbrook Brothers

"Hilarious! As road comedies go, The Overbrook Brothers is about perfect." --Seattle Weekly

"Smart and funny! I was literally rolling in my seat with laughter." --Aint It Cool News

"A very funny road trip!" --Cinematical

The Happy Poet

"A brilliant piece of cinema that deserves attention." --Michael Moore

"My favorite movie so far of this year's SXSW is a little comedy,
at once wistful and wonderfully dry-witted, called THE HAPPY POET.
" --Entertainment Weekly

A sweet, stealthy film about creating meaning in your life (and your work) in a relentlessly mercenary world. Off-handed and yet quite artfully observed, The Happy Poet's winsome deadpan offsets its skewering of class and sustainability issues, right through to a tricky ending that, like Bill himself, may not be what it seems." --The Village Voice

"The poet wants to be happy but doesn’t really know how to go about it. It’s a pretty good joke, and Mr. Gordon tells it with enough discipline and invention to make a significant portion of the film funny in interesting, subversive ways. A promising debut." --The New York Times

"I really, truly dug it." --Film Threat

"The film's dry sense of humor belies sincerity, rather than the kind of ironic detachment that seems to pop up frequently in independent films." --Cinematical

"The HAPPY POET is a great example of the power and value of 'small' films worthy of greater attention." --Slackerwood

"However relevant to real world situations, THE HAPPY POET is, at its core, a great comedy-- a very natural and realistic one at that." --Smells Like Screen Spirit


Lovers of Hate

"The most exciting American indie I've seen in a while." --LA Weekly

"The kind of tiny brilliant gem that low-budget indie films ought to be and so seldom are." --Movie City News

"An acidly funny, sharply etched comedy-drama." --Dallas Morning News

"A hilarious, unexpectedly suspenseful love triangle!" --LA WEEKLY

"VICIOUSLY AMUSING." --The New York Times